Partner Review

Partner Review

Following the Partnership Approval process, all partnerships are normally reviewed on a six year basis, against the terms of the Partnership Agreement in which the reciprocal expectations of both partners are expressed. 

Core Principles of Partner Periodic Review

The University is committed to making partnership review a consultative, self-critical and genuinely collaborative process of engagement with partners. Conducted in this manner, the process is intended to serve as a means of enhancing transparency, communication and a shared understanding with collaborative partners. The process has been designed to inform, and in turn be informed by, existing processes of review and engagement at the University and in the wider sector.  

Please see the Partner Periodic Review (PPR): Principles and Process document for full details.

Supporting material

Partner Periodic Review (PPR) flowchart
Partner Periodic Review (PPR) Due Diligence template
Evaluation and Development Document (EDD) guidance and template
Partner Periodic Review (PPR) report template 

External Panel Members' Nomination Form