Collaborative Provision

Collaborative Provision

The University’s principles and approach to the management of partnerships for collaborative academic provision are set down in its Collaborative Academic Arrangements Policy.  The policy is informed by the QAA Quality Code on collaborative provision.

Information specifically for partners, including that pertaining to management and operational aspects of delivery is available on our dedicated partnership pages

The pages below detail the principles and processes for the following, based on the Policy and Strategy document above:

Off-site delivery

To ensure that there is central oversight of collaborative arrangements all proposals for delivery off-site are to be considered by the University Executive Course Scrutiny Group through the standard course proposal form.  Once planning agreement is received from CSG the approval of off-site delivery proposals is normally the responsibility of the IQC unless CSG recommends a full course approval. 

Recognition Arrangements 

Principles and process for the approval and monitoring of recognition arrangements
Flowchart on recognition agreements
Template for recognition proposals
Memorandum of recognition template

Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Collaboration

Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Collaboration Policy
Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Collaboration Proposal template
Memorandum of Understanding standard template
Memorandum of Collaboration standard template
Memorandum of Understanding staff student exchange template

School Direct Route

The Course Approval Process and Management of Quality Assurance for School Direct models of Partnerships set out the expectations of this form of activity in further detail.

PGCE School Direct Secondary

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