Engagement with Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

The University engages with a number of PSRBs through formal accreditation or recognition of a range of courses.  Given the growth in provision with PSRB involvement, processes for engaging with PSRBs have been formalised and strengthened in order for the University to continue to be assured that requirements are being met across UW and in partner institutions. 

A central register of all PSRB-related provision and requirements is kept by the Academic Quality Unit (AQU).  The latest up to date version of the PSRB Register is available on request from your AQU Officer.

AQU has a monitoring and oversight role for PSRB engagement.  Schools retain responsibility for liaising with PSRBs and the management of PSRB-related programmes within their subject areas.  All applications for new PSRB accreditations must be formally signed off by the relevant Head of School and the Director of Quality and Educational Development before being forwarded to the PSRB.       

See here for guidance on engagement with PSRBs, a flowchart of the PSRB process and a form for advising AQU of new PSRB engagements.