Partnership Approval

Partnership Approval

Partnership Approval Introduction and overview

The University is responsible for the standards of all provision offered in its name and also is ultimately responsible for the quality of the student learning experience provided under collaborative arrangements.         

The Partnership Approval Process therefore seeks to establish that the academic standards and quality of the student learning experience provided by the prospective partner are likely to meet the requirements of, and be comparable to, the standards and quality of programmes at UW.  The main purpose of the partner approval process is to ascertain the viability and suitability of the proposed institutional collaboration.  It is distinct from the approval of specific programme arrangements; the processes for which fall under the University's Course Approval and Re-approval process.

Changing site of delivery
In cases where a previously approved collaborative course or module is proposed to be taught at a new venue, a site/resources check should be carried out by the relevant School

CAP Form 8New Venue (updated November 2021)

Supporting material

Partnership Approval Process (updated June 2021)       

Annexe 1 Articulation
Annexe 2 Recognition
Annexe 3 Joint and Dual awards
Annexe 4 Collaborative Partnerships - Preliminary Enquiries (updated June 2021)
Annexe 5 Risk Assessment
Annexe 6 Standard Terms and Conditions of Partnership
Annexe 7 Due Diligence
Annexe 8 Due Diligence FSM