Programme Specifications - current and archive

Programme Specifications - current and archive

Please contact Teresa Nahajski in the Academic Quality Unit for the latest Word versions of current 2020/21 programme specifications. 

Please see the appropriate links to pages (on the left of this page) for CURRENT PROGRAMME SPECIFICATIONS (by year of entry) for all UW awards.

If you cannot find the programme specification you require, please go to the relevant School page for more information or contact the AQU Officer for your School.


Courses being approved or reapproved, or undergoing Departmental Periodic Review, should use one of the following templates.    

These have recently been updated to reflect changes made to the TCRF for 2020/21. 

The University uses programme specifications to provide a concise statement of key information about each of its programmes. Programme specifications describe the aims and intended learning outcomes of a programme, and the means by which these are achieved and demonstrated through learning, teaching and assessment. Integral to the programme specification is an award map which lists the current modules approved for the award.

Programme specifications are a key source of evidence for the approval and review of awards, and should be checked annually and updated to reflect any changes made. They are published by AQU on its webpages and provide information for students, both prospective and current, as well as for peer reviewers and external examiners.     

Guidance has been developed to support course teams in the mapping of course/programme learning outcomes to modules and specified exit awards.       

Please speak to your AQU Officer if you require any advice on the templates or guidance.        

Courses delivered predominantly by Flexible and Distributed Learning
- updated October 2020.