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Academic Tutoring - See Personal Academic Tutoring Policy
Admissions Policy
Amendments to Modules and Courses 
Annual Evaluation process and report templates 
Annual Operational Checklist for Collaborative Provision
Academic Planning and Portfolio Group forms and guidance
Apprenticeships Approval Process: see here
Articulation Arrangements - approval, monitoring and review - on Collaborative Provision page
Assessment Criteria Guidance 
Assessment Policy
Attendance Policy - links to Registry policies page
Award Map Templates - See Programme Spec Templates


Blended and Online Delivery - guidance, guidelines and definitions 


Collaborative Academic Arrangements Policy - updated March 2022
Course Planning Approval/Re-approval Process
Course Closure and Suspension 
Course Handbook Guidance for 2024/25 - updated Feb 2024
Curriculum Design Policy  
CV template for UW staff for course approvals - updated May 2022



Diversity and Equality policies, schemes and action plans (for race, disability, gender)


EDD - Guidance for the Evaluative Development Document for Periodic Review
EDD - Guidance and Template for Partner Periodic Review
Effective Assessment Feedback Guide - updated September 2022
External Examiner's information - all templates and forms


Foundation Degrees - Principles and guidance for design of courses


Generic Grade Descriptors - See Assessment Practice page
Graduate Attributes - embedding (new for 2021/22)


Inclusion Toolkit
Inclusive Assessment and Reasonable Adjustment Policy 
Integrated Masters Design Specification
Intent to Approve (ITA) form - see CAP Form 3 - Approvals Process
International Mobility - Staff Policy
International Mobility - Student Policy updated April 2022


Learning outcomes - guide to writing, principles for course design
Learning, and Teaching Strategy for 2020-25
Learner Journeys Audit Tool for Course Teams
Link Tutor Information page


Mapping course/programme learning outcomes to modules/exit awards - guidance

Marketing and Public Information:   
     Marketing and Publicity Materials - Policy for Partners 
     Provision of Information for Prospective Students Policy
     Provision of Information for Prospective Students Template - see APPG page

For Assessment Moderation guidance and Template see here

Module Codes - guidance on allocation of codes and changing codes

Module Evaluation Policy updated October 2021
Module Outline Guidance
Module Specification Template - See Course Approval/Re-approval process page 


Optional Modules - form for Removal of


Partner Institutions - list of partners
Partnership Approval Process and Annexes
Partner Review     
Preliminary Enquiries Form for Collaborative Partnerships
Personal Academic Tutoring Policy
Periodic Review Guidance

Placement and Work-based Learning:

Policies can be found on the Academic Frameworks and Policies page
Professional Statutory Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

Programme Specifications - for current courses
Programme Specification - templates
Programme Specification - guidance on mapping to exit awards

Progress Weeks Policy 


Quality Assurance - UW Framework for the Management of        
QAA Master's Degree Characteristics - Feb 2020     


Recognition Arrangements - on Collaborative Provision page
Referencing - see Assessment Policy, Section 6    

Registered Lecturers and Administrators information 
Registered Lecturers for UW Collaborative Academic Provision (Policy for the Approval of ...)    

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning - guidance and documents
Resource Lists - Expectations and Guidelines (replaces Reading Resources Strategy)


For Standardisation and Moderation information see here
Student: Staff Liaison Committee Policy - see Student Voice page
Student Union - Guidance for Staff on Academic Representation


Taught Courses Regulatory Framework


UK Educational Partnership Strategy 2018-2021
Undergraduate Courses - Guidance for Design of
Uploading Course Handbooks to SOLE pages


Variations to Regulations Request form 


Work-based and Placement Learning - the Policy and supporting documents available under P