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Academic Tutoring - See Personal Academic Tutoring Policy
Admissions Policy

Amendments to Modules and Courses: (updated August 2018)
Table of guidance on amendments 
Amendments to Approved Courses form
Amendments to Approved Modules form

Annual Evaluation process and report templates - Also see O drive, All Staff, AQU folder

Annual Operational Checklist for Collaborative Provision

Academic Planning and Portfolio Group forms and guidance

Approving Higher and Degree Apprenticeships: see Approval/Re-approval Process page

Articulation Arrangements - approval, monitoring and review - on Collaborative Provision page
Assessment Policy (updated November 2019)
Assessment (Inclusive) - Policy and Procedures on Inclusive Assessment 

Attendance Policy - see Registry policies page

Award Map Templates - See Programme Spec Templates


Collaborative Academic Arrangements Policy 
Course closure, suspension and significant change - procedure and forms
Course Closure, Suspension and Major Change Policy - updated October 2019       
Course Handbook Guidance - updated July 2020 for summer changes
Course Management Committees - see Student Voice section here
Curriculum Design Policy - updated December 2019
CV Template for UW and Partner Staff


Disabled Students - Disability Informed Assessment: Staff information 
Diversity and Equality policies, schemes and action plans (for race, disability, gender)


Educational Partnership Strategy 2018-21 (UK) (new from November 2018)
EDD - Guidance for the Evaluative Development Document for Periodic Review

EDD - Guidance and Template for Partner Periodic Review
Effective Assessment Feedback Guide - new for Sept 2018
Election and/or selection of Course Reps (formerly known as StARs)

External Examiner's information - all templates and forms

Flexible and distributed learning - list of courses
Foundation Degrees - Principles and guidance for design of courses - updated November 2019       


Grade Descriptors Level 4 - 6 Undergraduate
Grade Descriptors Level 7 (Masters)
Grade Descriptors Level 8


Inclusion Toolkit - new for November 2019
Inclusive Assessment and Reasonable Adjustment Policy updated July 2020
Inclusive Assessment guidance for staff - published October 2017
Integrated Masters Design Specification
Intent to Approve (ITA) form - see Appendix 5 of Approvals Process
International Mobility Policies for Students and Staff


Learning outcomes - guide to writing, principles for course design
Learning, and Teaching Strategy for 2020-25
Learner Journeys Audit Tool for Course Teams (new October 2018)

Link Tutor Information page including: Guidance Pack and Mid Year Report (new for 2019/20)


Mapping course/programme learning outcomes to modules/exit awards - guidance

Marketing and Public Information:   
Marketing and Publicity Materials - Policy for Partners 
Provision of Information for Prospective Students Policy
Provision of Information for Prospective Students Template - see APPG page

Memoranda of Understanding, Memoranda of Collaboration, Memorandum of Recognition - Policy and Procedures for Approval - see relevant page under Collaborative Provision

Moderation Report template (added July 2018)
Moderation (and Standardisation) Guidance (added December 2018)
For Standardisation and Moderation information see here

Module Codes - guidance on allocation of codes and changing codes

Module Evaluation - Guidance, Policy, etc - see Policies page

Module Outline Guidance (updated July 2019)
Module Specification Template - See Appendix 9 of Approvals Process



Optional Modules - form for Removal of (New from November 2016)


Partner Institutions - list of partners
Partnership Approval Process and Annexes
Partnership Review     
Preliminary Enquiries Form for Collaborative Partnerships

Personal Development Planning (PDP) - see Quality-related Policies

Personal Academic Tutoring Policy 
Peer Supported Review of Teaching - see Policy and Regulatory Frameworks page

Periodic Review Guidance

Placement and Work-based Learning: see Policy and Regulatory Framework page

Policies can be found on the Policy and Regulatory Framework page
Postgraduate Regulatory Framework - See Taught Courses Regulatory Framework

Programme Specifications - for current courses
Programme Specification - templates
Programme Specification - Guidance for mapping course/programme level learning outcomes to modules and to exit awards

Professional Statutory Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)


Quality Assurance - UW Framework for the Management of - updated September 2019
Quality Standards: Flexible and Distributed Learning

QAA - Quality Code

QAA - Qualification Characteristics Statements - updated February 2020
QAA - Foundation Degree Characteristics Statement - updated February 2020
QAA - Masters Degree Characteristics Statement - updated February 2020

QAA - Guidance for Degree Awarding bodies on producing degree outcomes statements - new for October 2019
QAA - Updates to Subject Benchmark Statements in STEM subjects - new for October 2019



Recognition Agreements - on Collaborative Provision page

Referencing - see Assessment Policy, Section 6       

Registered Lecturers and Administrators information page  
Registered Lecturers for UW Collaborative Academic Provision (Policy for the Approval of ...)    
Registered Lecturer Application Form
Registered Administrator/HE Manager Application Form

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning - guidance and documents

Resource Lists - Expectations and Guidelines (replaces Reading Resources Strategy)


Standardisation and Moderation Guidance - added December 2018

For Standardisation and Moderation information see here

Student Union link to Student Academic Representation Code of Practice


Talis Aspire guidance for new/amended module specifications - new for January 2016
Taught Courses Regulatory Framework
Turnitin® Policy - updated May 2018


UK Educational Partnership Strategy 2018-2021 - New for November 2018

Undergraduate Courses - Guidance for Design of - Updated November 2019
Undergraduate Regulatory Framework - see Taught Courses Regulatory Framework       

Uploading Course Handbooks to SOLE pages

UW Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework


VLE Baseline Standards 
Video content - guidance in lecture design


Work-based and Placement Learning - the Policy and supporting documents available under P