Course Approval and Re-approval process

Course Approval and Re-approval process

For Academic Planning and Portfolio Group (APPG): see new page

Course Planning and Approval/Re-approval Process:

Following approval by APPG, the Course Planning and Approval/Re-approval Process is the means by which the University approves all courses leading to an award granted by UW, either directly or via partnership arrangements. The development process is based upon a consultancy model carried out by the course team in discussion with internal and external specialists. Listed below are the appendices as outlined in the process document:

Appendix 1 Flowchart for Course Planning and Approval/Re-approval process
Appendix 2 Standard Criteria for Approval of all Provision 
Appendix 3 Checklist for Courses involving Collaborative Arrangements
Appendix 4 Initial Course Proposal Form (See APPG forms above)
Appendix 4a Approval documentation sign-off form
Appendix 4b Briefing paper template for attendees of approval meeting
Appendix 5 Intent to Approve form (ITA) for all new courses undergoing approval
Appendix 6 Guidance on choosing External Advisers/External Panel Members
Appendix 7 Programme Specification Templates
Appendix 8 Course Handbook guidance for 2020/21 - updated July 2020
Appendix 9 Module Specification Template
Appendix 10 Report Template for External Adviser 1
Appendix 10b Report Template for Employer External Adviser
Appendix 11 Resource Statement - UW based programmes
Appendix 12 Resource Statement - Collaborative Provision courses
Appendix 13 AQU Officer's Report Template
Appendix 14 Approval of new delivery venues for existing provision

Learner Journeys Audit Tool for Course Teams (new October 2018)

The University takes a risk-based approach with regard to approving changes to modules and/or courses. The degree of external input varies according to the types of changes that may occur (see Appendix 15 below).

Appendix 15 Guidance on Amendments to Modules and Courses
Appendix 16 Amendments to Approved Modules form
Appendix 16B AAM Temporary Changes to Modules March 2020
Appendix 17 Amendments to Approved Courses form
Appendix 18 Removal of Optional Modules form
Appendix 19 Cumulative change tracking spreadsheet

Appendix 21 Temporary Adjustments to Approved Modules and Courses 2020/21
Contingency Planning: A holistic course-based approach that identifies the need for any adjustments at course level and to modules should be taken. Part A should be completed for a course (or group of related courses). Part B should be completed for modules that require adjustments, unless there are adjustments that apply to a whole group of modules, then you only need to complete the form once and list all of the modules to which it applies.  
The forms are available on the O drive: All Staff, AQU, Amendments for Sept 2020

Guidance for mapping UW HND awards to Pearson BTEC HN awards

Approving Higher and Degree Apprenticeships (updated April 2019)

Guidance and Process for the University Approval of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
Specification for Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships
Guidance for the Apprenticeship Apprentice Handbook and Employer Handbook
Checklist for the Management of In-house Apprenticeships

External Adviser's Expenses Claim Form
Students'/Employers' Travel Expenses Claim Form

Feedback on AQU processes

Thank you for your involvement in our Course Planning and Approval process.
It would be really useful for future development of our processes if you could send us your feedback.
If you have recently attended an approval or review event at the University of Worcester, please click here to go to our Evaluation Questionnaire, or send any comments by email to the Academic Quality Unit.

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