Course Approval and Re-approval process

Course Approval and Re-approval process

Course Planning and Approval/Re-approval Process:        

Following approval by APPG, the Course Planning and Approval/Re-approval Process is the means by which the University approves all courses leading to an award granted by UW, either directly or via partnership arrangements. The development process is based upon a consultancy model carried out by the course team in discussion with internal and external specialists. 

Course Planning and Approval/Re-approval Process updated May 2022

CAP Form 1       Documentation sign-off for Course Approval/Re-Approval
CAP Form 2       Briefing Paper for Final Approval Meeting
CAP Form 3       Intent to Approve (ITA) form
CAP Form 4       External Adviser Report
CAP Form 5       Employer Adviser Report
CAP Form 6       UW Resource Statement
CAP Form 7       Collaborative Resource Statement
CAP Form 8       New Venue
CAP Form 9       Variation to Regulations 

CAP Guidance 1     Standard Criteria for Approval of all Provision
CAP Guidance 2     Guidance on choosing Academic External Advisers and Panel Members
CAP Guidance 3     Professional Statutory Regulatory Body (PSRB) Processes
CAP Guidance 4     Relationship between Course Re-Approval and Periodic Reviews
CAP Guidance 5     Checklist for Collaborative Course Approvals
CAP Guidance 6     Guidance for Student Panel Members
CAP Guidance 7     School Course Approvals/Re-approvals and Scrutiny events (new April 2023)

APPG Guidance 1   Relationship between Course Change, Course Re-approval and APPG


Module Specification Template updated August 2021 
Programme Specification templates
Course Handbook guidance (for new and existing courses in 2023/24) updated July 2023
CV template for UW staff for course approvals updated May 2022