The Money Advice Service is here to provide students and potential students at the University of Worcester with welfare and financial advice and support.

To arrange an appointment with a Money Adviser, please email firstpoint or phone 01905 54 2551.   

Repayment of Student Loans

Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans are repaid after you leave university. If you started your course on or after 1st August 2023 you won’t be expected to make repayments until April 2026 at the earliest, even if you leave your course early. The repayment threshold for the 2026-27 tax year will be £25,000 pa before tax and other deductions. 

Interest is added to Tuition Fee Loans from when they are paid to the University (they are paid in three instalments a year; October, January and April) and to Maintenance Loans from when they are first paid to the student.      

Rates of Interest    

Interest on your loan will normally be applied at inflation (RPI – Retail Price Index) if you started your course on or after 1st of August 2023.


Repayment is based on 9% of any income over £25,000 threshold. Student loan balances, but not arrears, will be written off after 40 years if the student in question started their studies after 1st August 2023.

More information regarding the repayment of Student Loans is shown on the Student Finance England website - click on link to left of this page.

Examples of salary and associated repayments are shown below. 

Income each Year before Tax Monthly Salary Approximate Monthly Repayment
 £25,000  £2,083  £0
 £28,000  £2,333 £22
£29,500 £2,458 £33
£31,000 £2,583 £45
£33,000 £2,750 £60