The Money Advice Service is here to provide students and potential students at the University of Worcester with welfare and financial advice and support.

To arrange an appointment with a Money Adviser, please email firstpoint or phone 01905 54 2551.   

Social Work Students

The Department of Health sets an annual cap on the number of Social Work Bursaries to be offered each year to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and universities decide which students to put forward for the following bursaries.

Nominated eligible social work students will receive the bursaries listed below, administered by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) on behalf of the Department of Health.

For details of eligibility, the amounts of bursary and how to apply visit the NHS Social Work Students webpage or telephone: 0300 330 1342


Full-Time Undergraduates

Eligible full-time undergraduate social work students studying year two and three may receive, if nominated, a non-means tested bursary of up to £4,862.50 which includes an element for fees (students are responsible for paying their own fees). They can also apply for the statutory student loans and grants available to undergraduate students through Student Finance England.

Please note, students taking year one of the course can only apply for Student Finance England funding. The bursary is only available for students in year 2 & 3 of the course.

Part-Time Undergraduates

Eligible part-time students taking year two and three of the course can apply, if nominated, for a non-means tested bursary from the NHS at a pro rata rate of that available to full-time students. They can also apply to Student Finance England for a loan to pay tuition fees.


Full-Time Postgraduates

If nominated, postgraduate students will have their tuition fees up to £4,052 paid by the NHSBSA. The bursary for eligible postgraduate students will consist of a non-income assessed grant of £3,362.50 and an additional income assessed grant of up to £2,721 for general living costs plus extra help for students with dependants. Eligible postgraduate social work students not nominated for a bursary may apply to Student Finance England for a Postgraduate Loan (click on link to left to find more information on the Postgraduate Loan).

Part-Time Postgraduates

If nominated, eligible students will have their tuition fees up to £2,026 paid by NHSBSA and can apply for a non-means tested bursary at a pro rata rate. Part-time postgraduate students cannot apply for the additional means tested allowances that are available to full-time postgraduates.

Mileage Allowance 

If nominated for a bursary, mileage allowance is included but if not nominated for a bursary eligible students will receive a mileage allowance of £862.50 pa.

Deadline for applying for NHS Funding

If your academic year starts from 1 September to 31 December, you must submit your application by 31 October 2023. If your academic year starts from 1 January onwards, you must submit your application by 23 February 2024.