Council Tax

Council Tax

What is Council Tax?

Council Tax is a charge set by local authorities to help pay for certain public services, such as libraries, schools and police. It is based upon the value of the property in which you live. The level of the charge may be reduced depending upon the number of adults living in the property and their circumstances.

What is a council tax exemption certificate?

A council tax exemption certificate is a form confirming that you are a full time student at the University of Worcester and that you are therefore eligible for council tax exemption.

How do I get a Council Tax Exemption Certificate?

Council Tax Exemption Certificates can be found on your SOLE page under the 'LIVING' section. They last for the entire duration of study, and are not replaced each year.

I have lost my Council Tax Exemption Certificate - what should I do?

Council Tax Exemption Certificates can be printed from your SOLE page under the 'LIVING' section.

I have just finished an HND, and am about to start a degree am I eligible for Council Tax relief?

No. The period between finishing your HND studies, and beginning your degree is outside the boundaries of the exemption, as you are not a registered student during this time.

I am a full-time student living in University owned accommodation - Will I have to pay Council Tax?

No council tax will be payable. All University owned or managed Halls of Residence are exempt from council tax. University-owned flats and houses which are provided predominantly for students are also likely to be exempt.

I am a full-time student living in private rented shared house with other full time students - Will I have to pay Council Tax?

You will not have to pay if you apply for student exemption. To apply you will need to provide the appropriate Council with a Council Tax Exemption Certificate issued by Registry Services.

I have received a Bill but I think my accommodation should be exempt - what should I do?

You should contact the local authority / council immediately and check that they have received a Council Tax Exemption Letter from you. The local authority will tell you what they need and if you have to fill out any forms.

My student registration has ended but I want to stay in the UK for a short holiday, do I have to pay Council Tax?

Yes you will no longer qualify for an exemption certificate.

What is the Definition of a Student for Council Tax Purposes?

You will count as a student if you are on a course which: (a) lasts at least one academic year; and (b) requires attendance for at least 24 weeks per year; and (c) involves at least 21 hours of study, classes or work experience per week during term time. This means that some students (e.g. those studying a module as part of a Summer School) may not be eligible for exemption from Council tax.