Information for Students

Information for Students

Timetabling schedules all your modules and allocates rooms to each module activity. Please note that although we aim to take into consideration other commitments, we are unable to personalise a timetable to each individual student.

Timetables are subject to change and will be updated on a regular basis. We would advise you to check your online timetable at least once a week to view any changes and to ensure you have the most up to date rooming and scheduling information! There are likely to be continuing room changes throughout the year.

Wednesday afternoons 

Our University policy is to avoid scheduling module activities and teaching on a Wednesday afternoon. This is to allow time for sports and societies to meet and for other extra-curricular student activities to take place.

Module timetable

Classes may be timetabled between:

  • 9:15am-9:15pm Monday to Thursday
  • 9:15am-6:15pm on Friday

For term and semester dates please see academic year dates

Live daily timetables are displayed on screens at:

  • St Johns Reception, City Reception, Jenny Lind Reception, Riverside Reception, Arena Reception, Shelia Scott building
Live weekly timetables can be found on student webpages for the current and following weeks.

New students: you will receive your timetable at the start of September once you have made all your module choices and the rooms have been confirmed. 

Returning students: you will be able to see the next academic year timetable in early September.

Timetable information

You can access your timetable through your SOLE page, via the 'View timetable' link. 

See our how to guides:

How to find your timetable.

Timetable user guide.

Please note that your timetable is subject to change, though we will try and keep these to a minimum. 

If you are on a combined studies course, you will not be able to view your timetable on Publish. Instead, if you click on ‘view timetable’, you will be taken to the live timetable for the next two weeks. Here you will be able to search for your modules to find the timing and room information for the upcoming fortnight.

Your timetable will initially show the current week. To see your timetabled modules please use the calendar icon or the left and right arrows to navigate to the desired week of teaching.

Please take a few minutes to read the help link (on the left of your timetable screen). It provides you with useful information, which includes:

· how changes to your timetable will be reflected.

· how you can receive email notifications of in week changes to your timetabled modules

· building key and links to campus maps which will help familiarise you with where you need to go for your timetabled modules.

Module information

Your timetable is as complete as possible. However, if you haven’t selected all your modules yet; these will not appear in your timetable.

Please do not worry. Once you have completed your module selections your timetable will be updated to show the timetabled activities for these new modules.

Similarly, if you have selected all of your modules but would now like to move to a different module and have made a request (via the Module Change Request or met with a Programme Adviser), this change may  not initially appear until it has been transferred into your timetable.

If you want to keep your module choices but need to change your activity (e.g. seminar or practical), you must discuss this request with your module tutor who will notify timetabling of any agreed changes.

Room information

If any changes are made to your timetable/rooms within the same week it will be delivered, you will receive an email notification to your student email address (please note as this is an opt in service you will only receive these emails if you have opted into them).

If a timetable change is made more than one week in advance, these changes will be reflected directly into your timetable and no email notification will be sent. So it is really important that you check your online timetable regularly!

Module Change Request

Should you need to make any changes to your timetable this year, please complete a module change request, via your SOLE page, under 'Course Information'.

Your timetable will be updated once a module change request has been reviewed and actioned, and you will only receive a notification if the request cannot be actioned.

During busy periods there may be a delay while the request is being processed and therefore you should check your published timetable daily for updates. Until then, it is important you continue to attend the modules you originally selected.

Where do I go if I have any queries?

Initially please contact firstpoint if you have any queries relating to your timetable.