Anonymous Marking

Anonymous Marking

Anonymous marking is a system whereby the student's identity is not made known to the internal/external examiner at the time of marking.  Its purpose is to protect students and markers against the possibility of bias, whether conscious or unconscious. A student's assessed work should be identified only by a reference number, which will normally be the student number found on their identity card.

Can all work be marked anonymously?

No. Some assessment cannot be marked anonymously as it is impossible not to identify yourself. Work that currently is not marked anonymously includes:

  • Oral presentations
  • Performance
  • Written evaluation (of a presentation)
  • Individual Portfolios (e.g. when based in practice)
  • Independent Study
  • Negotiated piece of work
  • Exhibitions
  • Reflection journals/commentaries
  • Practicals
  • Peer assessment
  • Viva Voce
  • Work transmitted electronically
  • Notebooks
  • Critical/Observational analysis of a video
  • Negotiated learning
  • Agreed programme with students

When a member of staff provides marks via ETM, will the student names and numbers be shown?

No. If the assessment has been designated as anonymous then staff will only see the student number. If the work cannot be marked anonymously such as a presentation then staff will only see the name of the student.

Are module lists which provide student names and numbers still available?

No. The staff web pages now provide two lists of students on a module: The original list of students on a module still exists but the student number has been removed. This list is sorted alphabetically. A new list has been created which only contains the student number. This list is sorted numerically.