Graduation November 2022 (for all awards confirmed in the 2021/22 academic year)

For more information please visit the Graduation 2022 web pages

The awards ceremonies will be held at Worcester Cathedral between Tuesday 1st and Friday 4th November 2022.
Tuesday 1st November 9:30

School of Psychology 


Tuesday 1st November 12:00

School of Sport and Exercise Science


Tuesday 1st November 2:30

Three Counties School of Nursing and Midwifery


Wednesday 2nd November 9:30

School of Arts and School of Humanities


Wednesday 2nd November 12:00

School of Education 1

Department for Children and Families, and Primary Education (Undergraduate)


Wednesday 2nd November 2:30

School of Education 2

Department of Education and Inclusion


Thursday 3rd November 9:30

Worcester Business School


Thursday 3rd November 12:00

School of Allied Health and Community 1

Departments of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Nutritional Therapy; Social Work and the Community; Paramedic Science and Physician Associate


Thursday 3rd November 2:30

School of Science and the Environment


Friday 4th November 9:30

School of Education

Department of Primary Education (postgraduate)


Friday 4th November 12:00

School of Allied Health and Community 2

Department of Health and Wellbeing


Friday 4th November 2:30

School of Education 4

Department of Secondary and Post Compulsory Education


Further details will be sent to you via email shortly.

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Will the Graduation Ceremonies for 2021 graduates be taking place?

Do I need to attend a ceremony to be a graduate?

Passing the required examinations and assessments is actually what turns a student into a graduate. Students who successfully complete their studies this summer will have their degrees awarded by the Board of Examiners in the normal way. You will be able to access a copy of your final module grades and a letter confirming whether you have achieved your qualification on your SOLE page. If you chose to defer your assessments, it may take another few weeks before your award confirmation is finalised.

The ceremonies are a celebratory events and the postponement of the ceremonies will not delay your award.

I have a question about my degree classification

If you have questions about your degree classification, transcripts or your studies more generally, you can contact us at