Room Requests

Room Requests

We are currently accepting room requests for the 20/21 academic year (Monday 24th August 2020 to Sunday 22nd August 2021).

Planned events booking requests are accepted over the summer for the next academic year.

Ad hoc room bookings for 21/22 academic year will open in mid-August 2020.

Please note all room bookings and allocations are subject to change. Where a change of room is unavoidable, we will inform you as soon as possible and make any necessary alternative arrangements.

Staff Ad Hoc Bookings

Ad hoc room bookings can be made via the online room booking system on the staff homepage, please see our FAQs for initial help booking a room. Please note that this service is not accessible for students.

This system should not be used for module bookings. If you wish to make a room booking change, addition or cancellation for your module, please contact the Timetabling team.

Cancelling a booking: cancellations can be made via the room booking system, navigate to my bookings and cancel the room you no longer need. If you are cancelling a module or planned events room, please contact the Timetabling team. 

Terms and conditions for booking.

Student Ad Hoc Bookings

You can book a room for society meetings and to practise for assessed work such as computer based presentations, practical performances or demonstrations, please email us to request room availability

Please include your student number, preferred date, start time and end time and the reason for your booking. 

Terms and conditions for booking.