Submission of coursework

Submission of coursework

How should I submit my work?

To help ensure work does not go missing or get separated it is advised that you staple your work together or ideally submit your work in a folder that will secure your papers in place. Please be aware that once your work has been marked you can collect it from the appropriate administrative office, this includes any folders you submit your work in.
Work should not be submitted electronically unless unless it is an explicit requirement for the assessment in the module concerned.

What details need to be entered on the Student Feedback Form?

Your student number, assessment sequence, module code and word count are to be entered on the Student Feedback Form.  All this information is listed on the Tracking Sheet which must be placed on top of your Student Feedback Form when handing in assessment or reassessment work.

Where do I hand in my work?

During the week all assignment work should be handed in to the normal assignment submission boxes located on campus.  Please refer to the 'How to Guide' under the attached link for further details.

If you are handing assignment work in on a Saturday or Sunday you should hand your work into the Main Reception and ensure that your work is date stamped.

What time must I submit my assessment on the deadline date?

Assessment items must be submitted by 3pm on the day of the deadline

Can I post my assignment?

If you choose to post assignments you should do so by Recorded "signed for" or Special Delivery and keep your receipt safe. You should always keep a copy of your assignment whether or not you hand it in personally or by post.

Can I submit my assessment item by email?

No, assessment items should not be submitted electronically. The University regulations state:
"All coursework must be submitted on paper unless otherwise specified in the module outline. Coursework may not be submitted in electronic form unless it is an explicit requirement for the assessment in the module concerned."

Must I complete all assessment for a module?

Yes - all work must be completed and submitted in order to pass a module.

If I am claiming for mitigating circumstances when should I hand my work in?

You should hand your work in as soon as possible and within 7 days of the deadline date.

Your work will need to be handed in within 7 days of the deadline date. If it is handed in after this time it will not be marked.

If you hand in your work within the 7 day late assignment period your work, if passed, will be capped at the minimum pass mark. 

If your claim is accepted your work will be marked as if handed in on time. If you hand your work in after the 7 day period your work will not be marked unless your mitigating circumstances are accepted for non-submission. If your claim is not accepted you will fail the assessment.  

Any late work must be submitted via the method published in your module guide.   

Christmas and New Year

If you are submitting hard copies of your assignment over the Christmas and New Year period, there are several options available to you:-

1) You may hand the work in early

2) The University reception desk is manned 24 hours a day over the Christmas and New Year period. You may therefore bring your work into reception where Security will record the date and time it was submitted and ensure the department is informed.

3) You may post the assignment, your work will be treated as received on the day it was postmarked. We recommend that you use a recorded or signed for delivery service because if the work is lost in the post, it will be recorded as a non-submission unless you can evidence when you posted it.


Will I receive a receipt when I hand-in the coursework?

An email receipt will be generated and sent to your University email address when the coversheet barcode has been scanned. You will also be able to log on to SOLE and view the submission status of your coursework.
If the email receipt is required to go to an email address other than your University email address, the University’s email forwarding facility should be used.

Can I still submit work 24 hours late with no penalty?

No, With effect from the 1 September 2010, work must be submitted by the due date otherwise the submission will be recorded as being late.  Work can still be submitted within five days of the deadline but the grade will be capped at the minimum pass grade.

What is the exact date and time I have to hand work in if I am submitting it late but within 5 days of the deadline?

If you submit work within 5 five days of the deadline date your work will be marked but will be capped to a pass mark. Please note that you must submit work within 5 actual days of the deadline date NOT working days. If the five days goes into the weekend you must submit it to main reception and obtain a receipt. Please see below for examples of how long you have:

If the submission date is 15:00 Monday 9 June you MUST submit the work by 15:00 Saturday 14 June. If the submission date is 15:00 Thursday 12 June you MUST submit the work by 15:00 Tuesday 17 June.

Where do I submit the work if it is late?

If work is being submitted late you MUST submit the work in the usual place. This is normally either the appropriate assignment box or electronically via your SOLE page.

Please note that the assignment boxes are checked daily.

You must NOT submit assessment items directly to the module tutor.

If your claim is accepted and the work was submitted within 14 days of the original assessment submission date it will be marked as if on time. Work submitted after 14 days will not be marked.

Is it correct that PGCE students cannot submit work up to 5 days late and have the grade capped?

For modules where the assessment is marked on a pass/fail basis capping of the work for late submission is impossible; it is therefore not possible to hand in work 5 days late and have your work marked.

Any late submission for pass/fail PGCE assessments requires a mitigating circumstances form.  

Please note that under Mitigating Circumstances late submission of work must be submitted within 14 days of the assessment deadline date, otherwise a student will have to claim for non-submission and will have to demonstrate why it was not possible to submit the coursework within the late coursework period. 

Can I download a receipt/tracking document for a module started before 2008/9?

Unfortunately, assessment receipts are only available for modules started in 2008/9 onwards as we have been unable to generate tracking documents for those modules started before 2008/9 which are still incomplete.