Exam Room

Examinations in the 2023-24 academic year will be taking place during the following periods:

Semester 1 main exam week: 15-19 January 2024 (Timetable to be published by the afternoon of Friday 15th December 2023) 

Semester 1 resit week (levels 3 and 4 only): 04-08 March 2024 (Timetable to be published as soon as possible during the week commencing Monday 26th February 2024)

Semester 2 main exam week: 13-17 May 2024 (Timetable to be published by the afternoon of Monday 15th April 2024)

Main resit week: 08-12 July 2024 (Timetable to be published by the afternoon of Monday 1st July 2024)

Please note that all students are expected to ensure their availability during these times, and to arrange holidays and employment accordingly

If you are entitled to receive additional support when sitting examinations, you will be contacted individually to discuss these requirements. If you have any questions about your exams, you should contact the Examinations & Awards Team, on exams@worc.ac.uk or 01905 855032


When will I get my grade after the examination?

You will receive your provisional grade(s) via SOLE within 20 working days as normal.


Will I receive feedback if I fail an exam?


If you fail a written exam, then contact your tutor for feedback and advice.

Enquiries relating to the practical organisation of your previously agreed exam arrangements:

For Examinations during timetable examination weeks: Examinations & Awards Team, on exams@worc.ac.uk or 01905 855032

For any in-class tests: Your module leader

Examination regulations - instructions to candidates

Code of Practice on Invigilation

Managing Exam Anxiety

External Examiners

Religious Observance Form