ID Cards

ID Cards

What does my ID card do?

Your ID card combines three functions:

o It proves you are a registered student of the University of Worcester. You may be asked to produce it as proof of identify in certain situations. You must have your card with you when you are going to sit an examination

o It is a Library card and must be used when you want to borrow books from the Library.

o It can be used to pay for printing at photocopiers/printers located around the campus.

The ID card remains the property of the University and must be returned upon request.

How do I add money ('recharge') to my ID card?

In order to use your ID card with network printers or photocopiers you need to transfer money onto the ID card. There are two machines where you can do this - opposite the reception in the main building or opposite the issue desk in the Peirson building.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, or if you suspect it has been stolen, you should immediately report the loss by e-mailing firstpoint:

Firstpoint will be able to inform you of how to purchase a replacement card. 

If your card has been stolen and you can provide a Crime Reference number from the police in support of this, you will not be charged for a new card.

The new card will have a new ‘issue number’. Once you have been given a new card, you should notify the library of the card issue number. This will prevent your old card being used by anyone else, however you are responsible for any borrowings undertaken up to the time when the card is reported lost.

I have found an ID card - what should I do with it?

Please hand it in to the Firstpoint Enquiry Desk located in the Peirson Study & Guidance Centre.