Timetabling - Staff queries

Timetabling - Staff queries

How do I book a room?

Please book a room via the online Web Room Booking system. Details can be found here

How do I review/cancel a room booking?

If the room booking was made via the online Web Room Booking system, please log back in and navigate to 'my bookings' and cancel the room booking you no longer need.

If you are cancelling a module or planned event room, please contact the Timetabling team: timetabling@worc.ac.uk.  

When will I receive my timetable?

· First draft (no rooms except specialist) will be published at the end of May.

· Second draft (with rooms) will be published late July.

· Final timetables for semester one will be published in August.

· Final timetables for semester two will be published in January.

Please note all draft timetables will be distributed to Timetable Reps.

Planned events: Planned events will be released to staff in mid-August. 

Induction: Induction activities will be released to staff and students via Welcome Week team.

What are the semester dates?

Please see semester dates and the University calendar here.