Room Information

Room Information

Room information (includes capacity). 

Room layouts (includes photos and equipment present).

Specialist rooms and spaces (includes information on the allocated contacts for booking each space). 

Bookings at the Arena

What do the Building Codes mean?

Code  Building   Campus
 AH  Arthouse  City Campus
 BY  Binyon Building   St. John's Campus
 CC  Conference Centre  St. John's Campus
 CD  Charles Darwin  St. John's Campus
 CH  Charles Hastings  City Campus
 EC  Lakeside  Lakeside Campus
 EE  Edward Elgar  St. John's Campus
 HB  Hines Building  St. John's Campus
 JL  Jenny Lind  City Campus
 MH  Mulberry House  City Campus
 PN  Peirson Building  St. John's Campus
 RB  Riverside Building  Severn Campus
 SC  Sports Centre  St. John's Campus
 SS  Sheila Scott  St. John's Campus
 TG  The Garage  Severn Campus
 TT  Thomas Telford  St. John's Campus
 UA  University Arena  Severn Campus
 WB  Woodbury Building  St. John's Campus

Some timetabled activities are taught at Partner Colleges Building key shown below.




Code   Building  Campus
 BIRMINGHAM  Birmingham  Off-site
 HERE-LUD  Hereford and Ludlow