I'm having problems completing my dissertation on time, what do I do?

If you are unable to complete your dissertation by the submission date and you think you have grounds for an extension, please speak to your supervising tutor about applying for an extension.  You should then apply via the 'Course Information' tab of your SOLE page, then click on the 'IS/Dissertation/Project Extension Request' button to start the process

The submission deadline for the extension request form is up to two weeks before your dissertation submission date. Decisions are made as soon as possible and communicated to each student in writing.

If you miss this date you must then apply through the Mitigating Circumstances Procedure which can be accessed via your SOLE page under the assessments tab.  

If I apply for an extension what extra time will I receive?

If you apply for an extension to the Semester One deadline (January) you will usually be given the Semester Two deadline (May). Decisions are made as soon as possible and communicated to each student in writing via university email.

If you apply for an extension in Semester Two you may receive an extension to one of the following extension deadlines:

A set date in May (consideration at summer exam board)

The standard Reassessment deadline in July (consideration at the reassessment board)

End of Semester One of the following academic year (January)

While you may request a specific extension date, the length of an extension offered will be decided on the basis of the circumstances, the supervisor's comments and the strength of the supporting evidence provided.

What do I do if I miss my deadline?

Dissertation submitted within 7 days of the published deadline will be marked but the mark awarded will be capped at the minimum pass mark, unless a claim of mitigating circumstances is made and upheld.

Studies submitted later than 7 days will not be marked and will be awarded a mark of L2/zero. Students may, however, submit a claim for mitigating circumstances and ask for the work to be marked.  If the claim is upheld and the student has not gained an unfair advantage because they might have gained access to feedback given to other students, the original work will be marked. 

You should apply for Mitigating Circumstances online via your SOLE page and claims must be entered no later than 7 days after the submission date.  Claims submitted after this date will only be considered if the student has a compelling reason for the delay in entering a claim.  

What evidence do I have to provide with my extension request form?

The dissertation extension request process is an extension of the Mitigating Circumstances Procedures.

For ideas of what circumstances are accepted and the type of evidence we expect you should look at the Mitigating Circumstances Procedures or the web page https://www2.worc.ac.uk/registryservices/679.htm.


If I apply for an extension will I still be able to graduate this year?

If you apply for an extension in Semester One or Two and you are given a May or early July reassessment deadline you will still be able to graduate the same academic year.

Postgraduate students and students on professional courses should speak to their Dissertation/Project Supervisor to check if they can still graduate the same academic year.