Exam Boards

Exam Boards

When can I find out my results?

Results will appear on your SOLE page once the relevant Board of Examiners has met.

When will exam boards take place?

The dates for the Boards of Examiner meetings can be found on the academic year calendar. Staff from Student Records will provide support to these boards.

Will there be any examination boards in January?

Yes, and the dates of these can be found in the academic year calendar.

There will be a scheme board for students who hit a progression point at the end of the semester or are due to be considered for a final award. Modules will therefore need to be considered at Departmental/subject meetings prior to the scheme board.

How will students obtain feedback at the end of Semester one if there is not an exam board to confirm marks?

Students will be able to obtain provisional, unconfirmed marks via the SOLE page.

Can a student take reassessment if the provisional marks indicate a fail?

No. The marks are provisional. Reassessment must not be set until after a Scheme Board of Examiners meeting has confirmed the results.

What happens to a student who fails a module who has been considered at an exam board?

If the student is progressing from one level to another, the reassessment will take place in the summer. The exact dates can be found on the academic year calendar.

What happens if a student fails a substantial number of modules/assessments?

Students who fail three or more modules will be written to advising them to visit a Programme Advisor

Do Departments need to send semester one work to the External Examiner for moderation in January or should it wait until next semester?

Work should be sent to the External Examiner at the end of semester one, preferably before marks are released to students.

Which modules should be considered at the Department/subject meetings?

All modules completed in the previous semester should be checked and confirmed for accuracy and recommendations made regarding any reassessment opportunity to the Scheme Board of Examiners meeting.

Should the External Examiner(s) be invited to attend the Department/subject meetings?

This is a decision that needs to take place after consultation between the Exams and Assessment Officer in each Department and the External Examiner(s). In many cases the External Examiner(s) will want to be involved at this meeting in order to reduce the workload at the end of Semester two. In some cases the External Examiner may wish to undertake a visit to meet students.

Who should invite the External Examiner to attend?

The Departmental Exams and Assessment Officer should liaise with the External Examiner and the appropriate Registry Services member of staff when setting the dates of the Department/subject meeting.

Who should book accommodation for the External Examiner?

Please contact Margaret Chaffey in the Academic Quality Unit.

Who should book rooms for the Department/subject meetings?

ASU staff should book rooms and any refreshments required.

Who will service the Departmental/subject meetings?

Staff from Student Records will provide the paperwork, attend and minute these meetings.