About The Service

About The Service

What & Where is The Programme Advisory Service?

The Programme Advisory Service assists students in the planning and registration of programmes of study.  It operates from the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre. 

The Service is available Monday to Friday throughout both semesters and during most weeks outside semesters, (sometimes with reduced hours).  Any student (or prospective student) may contact any of the Advisers by making an appointment via the link on their SOLE page or http://www.timecenter.com/worcester.  

The Programme Advisers are:

  • Nicola Ball
  • Sally Jansen
  • Hayley Rollason

What are the Programme Advisers for?

Advisers may also be consulted in order to:

  • Plan selections of modules
  • Explore the implications of changing subject or pathway on the BA/BSc programme
  • Discuss a possible course transfer (e.g. ITE to BA/BSc)
  • Deal with matters arising from decisions of the Examination Boards
  • Raise general enquiries about the Taught Courses Regulatory Framework.

You must also see an Adviser if you have received a letter from the Board of Examiners instructing you to see an Adviser to agree a programme of study.

Advisers must also be contacted for:

  • All requests for alterations to the name of your award i.e: changing pathway or subject

Contact Details

How to contact a Programme Adviser:

  • By making an appointment via the link on your SOLE page or www.timecenter.com/worcester.
  • By completing a Module Change Request Form via your SOLE page
  • By completing a Course Change Request Form via your SOLE page