Information for Staff

Information for Staff

It is University policy that staff should finish their session at least five minutes before the scheduled end time. This is to allow the next group to access the room so that sessions can begin as close as possible to the stated start time.

Module timetable

To make changes to scheduled module rooms, please email

Online Web Room Bookings

To ensure suitable rooms are booked, the timetabling department will check provisional bookings. Once the booking has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email as proof of your booking.

Timetable change request template

Please see below our Timetable Change Request Template for 2019/2020. This has been created to enable staff members to inform us of any changes they would like to make to a module.

Please note that all requests must be submitted via the Timetable Change Request Template and that all forms must be sent to us via a Timetable Rep.

Timetable Change Request Template - 2019/2020. 

Wednesday afternoons

Our University policy is to avoid scheduling module activities and teaching on a Wednesday afternoon where possible. This is to allow time for sports and societies to meet and for other extra-curricular student activities to take place.