Timetabling - Student queries

Timetabling - Student queries

How do I book a room?

We are unable to accept room booking requests for group work, please find a space to work in the various study spaces across campuses and The Hive.

You can book a room to practice for assessed work such as computer based presentations, practical performances or demonstrations. Please email us using your student email address to request room availability on studenttimetabling@worc.ac.uk. Please include your student number, preferred date, start time and end time and the reason for your booking.

How do I review/cancel a room booking?

Please email studenttimetabling@worc.ac.uk with the room number, date and time of the room booking and your name and student number. We will email you a confirmation once it has been cancelled.

Where can I find my timetable?

This can be accessed through your SOLE page, via the View timetable link. 

How to guide.

When will I receive my timetable?

1st year students: you will receive your timetable in early September once all your modules have been selected. You will not see a complete timetable unless you have selected all your modules.

Returning students: you will be able to view your timetable for the next academic year via myDay in early-September.

How often should I check my timetable for changes?

Timetables are subject to change and will be updated on a regular basis. We would advise you to check your online timetable at least once a week to view any changes and to ensure you have the most up to date rooming and scheduling information. There are likely to be continuing room changes throughout the year.

If any changes are made to your timetable/rooms within the same week it will be delivered, you will receive an email notification to your student email address (please note as this is an opt in service you will only receive these emails if you have opted into them).

If a timetable change is made more than one week in advance, these changes will be reflected directly into your timetable and no email notification will be sent.

So it is really important that you check your online timetable regularly!

When do I select my modules?

New students: You will be able to select your modules via SOLE once you have registered in the August before your studies start.

Existing students: Module Selections open at the start of Semester 2. You will receive an email advising you when it is time to make your module selections.

Module allocation is NOT on a first come first served basis, however modules may be withdrawn if insufficient numbers of students select them by the deadline.

If you need help making your selections, please contact Student Records on 01905 855333.

What happens if I don't select my modules?

If you don’t select any modules, then you will have to wait and select your modules after the timetable has been published. You may find that modules you would have liked to study are not available because you did not meet the deadline.

My timetable shows a clash/is incomplete?

If your timetable appears to clash or be incomplete, please email us at studenttimetabling@worc.ac.uk with a screenshot of what you can see and an explanation of what may be missing or what you are expecting to see.

Please include your name and student number in the email.

How do I change modules?

Should you need to make any changes to your timetable this year, please complete a module change request, via your SOLE page, under ‘Course Information’.

Your timetable will be updated once a module change request has been reviewed and actioned, and you will only receive a notification if the request cannot be actioned from Programme Advisors.  During busy periods there may be a delay while the request is being processed and therefore you should check your published timetable daily for updates. Until then, it is important you continue to attend the modules you originally selected.

What are the semester dates?

Please see semester dates and the University calendar here.

I have a question about my exam timetable?

Please see information about examinations here.