Changing course

Changing course

Changing Courses

You can seek a transfer from one course to another within the university providing you have met the entry conditions and/or any module prerequisites for the new course.

How to submit a Course Change Request?

  1. Click on ‘Course Information’ on your SOLE page and select the ‘Change Course Request’ link (in the ‘Change Course Documents’ section)
  2. Select ‘I wish to change course’
  3. To search for the course you want to join enter a keyword (for example 'Business' for all courses with Business in the title) and then search. Select the new course from the drop down list, and proceed to complete the remaining fields including the reason you are requesting the transfer.
  4. Once you have completed the form press ‘Submit’

The request will be forwarded to all Course Leaders, current and new, for consideration. You will receive an email when the request has been assessed.

Course Change Request Deadline

You can normally change your course in any year, within the first two weeks after the first timetabled occurrence of a module for the new course.  For students wishing to start their new course in 2021/22 you should ensure you submit a course change request to allow sufficient time for your request to be assessed and processed including module and timetable changes.  Our recommended deadline date for submitting a request to start a new course in September 2021 is the end of August 2021.  The final deadline is Friday 1st October 2021.