Academic Year Dates

Academic Year Dates

If you have any queries about semester dates or the calendar please contact Helen Jonstone on ext 5014 or

Semester Dates

Note: for full details of the academic year please refer to the University Calendar which is updated on a regular basis.


Semester Dates 2019/20

Semester Dates 2018/19 (spreadsheet showing the dates for courses across the University)

Semester Dates 2018-19 (simplified version)

Please note that the Academic Year pattern for 2018/19 is new. Further information particularly in relation to Education and Health courses will be added as it is available and more detailed information will be included in the University calendar which will be published by the start of May 2018.

Semester Dates 2017/18

Semester Dates 2016/17

Semester Dates 2015/16

Semester Dates 2014/15

Semester Dates 2013/14  

University Calendars (updates highlighted in yellow on individual documents)

Please note the calendar for the forthcoming academic year is published by the beginning of May each year

University Calendar 2019/20 (updated 26th September 2019)

University Calendar 2018/19   (updated 4th February 2019)

University Calendar 2017/18      (updated 30th October 2017)

University Calendar 2016/17      (updated 25th January 2017)

University Calendar 2015/16     (updated 16th February 2016)

University Calendar 2014/15  (updated 19th March 2015)

University Calendar 2013/14 

University Calendar 2012/13