Academic Year Dates

Academic Year Dates

Semester Dates

Note: for full details of the academic year please refer to the University Calendar which is updated on a regular basis.

Semester Dates 2023/24

Semester Dates 2022/23

Semester Dates 2021/22

Semester Dates 2020/21

Semester Dates 2019/20

Semester Dates 2018/19 (spreadsheet showing the dates for courses across the University)

Semester Dates 2018-19 (simplified version)

Semester Dates 2017/18

Semester Dates 2016/17

Semester Dates 2015/16

Semester Dates 2014/15

Semester Dates 2013/14  

University Calendars (updates highlighted in yellow on individual documents) 

Please note the calendar for the forthcoming academic year is published by the beginning of May each year

University Calendar 2022/23 (updated 15th September 2022)

University Calendar 2021/22 

University Calendar 2020/21 (updated 20th October 2020)

University Calendar 2019/20 (updated 18th May 2020)

University Calendar 2018/19 (updated 4th February 2019)

University Calendar 2017/18 (updated 30th October 2017)

University Calendar 2016/17 (updated 25th January 2017)

University Calendar 2015/16 (updated 16th February 2016)

University Calendar 2014/15 (updated 19th March 2015)

University Calendar 2013/14 

University Calendar 2012/13