Programme Advisory Service

Programme Advisory Service

What is the role of a Programme Advisory Service?

The Programme Advisory Service assists students in the planning and registration of programmes of study, including advice on the selection of modules, and changing subjects or pathways.

You will also be asked to see a Programme Adviser if you have failed a number of modules and need a new programme of work to retrieve the fails.

When are Programme Advisers available?

Advisers normally operate sessions from Mondays to Fridays throughout the academic year and during most weeks outside of semester time. 

You can see the times available and make an appointment by going to or by using the 'Programme Advisory Service' link on your SOLE page.  Appointments are released DAILY at 8am for the day ahead (appointments will display as 'BOOKED' until released)

How do I contact a Programme Advisor?

There are three Programme Advisers: Hayley Rollason, Nicola Ball and Sally Jansen

How to contact an Adviser:

1. In person by appointment. Appointments can be made by going to or by going to the link on your SOLE page which you will find under 'Course Information'.

2. By completing a Module Change Request on your SOLE page, which you will find under 'Course Information' (deadlines apply)

3. By completing a Course Change Request on your SOLE page which you will find under 'Course Information' (deadlines apply)