Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances

“Mitigating Circumstances are significant changes in a student’s circumstances that are outside the control of the student which are acute, severe and unforeseen and that occur immediately before or during the assessment period, and which the student believes have adversely affected his/her academic performance.”

If you think you may need to submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim, please read the below information carefully before doing so.

• All claims must be submitted online via your SOLE page before 3pm on the claims deadline date. (Assessments-> Submit and view claims for mitigating circumstances)

All students are advised to check the dates that claims must be submitted for their course against the detail listed in the document entitled Mitigating Circumstances Deadlines 2018-19 (link below).

• All claims must be supported by independent supporting evidence. Claims with no evidence are not considered.

• Students are encouraged to submit assessments on time or within 14 days of their deadline and claim for ‘performance affected’ if necessary, as it is not likely that students will hear the outcome of their claim before their assessment deadline. Claims for ‘non-submission’ (assessment not submitted within 14 days) must be more compelling with stronger supporting evidence.

• If the Committee require further information or evidence in relation to your claim, this will be communicated to you via your claim on SOLE. Please check your claim for any updates and click on 'View full details'.

• Please read the Mitigating Circumstances Procedures

Mitigating Circumstances Claims Deadlines

Mitigating Circumstances Deadlines 2018-19
Nursing and Midwifery Mitigating Circumstances Deadlines 2018-19

For the full table of Mitigating Circumstances claims deadlines for all courses in the academic year 2018-19 please see one of the two links above. There is a separate document for Nursing and Midwifery students.  

Late Claims for Mitigating Circumstances

Late claims will NOT be considered unless there are exceptional reasons for the claim not being submitted on time. Not being aware of the procedures or the relevant claims deadline is not an acceptable reason.

If you wish to submit a late claim for Mitigating Circumstances please complete the form online via your SOLE page (Assessments-> Submit and view claims for mitigating circumstances) as usual.
You will need to attach independent supporting evidence and write a covering ‘late statement’ in the text box which will appear when you tell us that your claim is late. You will need to detail why you were not able to submit your claim before the relevant published Mitigating Circumstances claims deadline.

Your late claim will not be considered unless the reason for its lateness is considered ‘credible and compelling’ by the Chair of the Mitigating Circumstances Committee, e.g. hospitalisation, close bereavement.

Receiving the Outcome of a Claim

While claims are processed as soon as possible, there are several peak periods throughout the academic year (particularly the end of semester) when the higher volume of claims means students may not hear a response as quickly.

If a decision has been made on a claim, or if we require further information, the status of the claim will be updated on the student's SOLE page (Assessments-> Submit and view claims for mitigating circumstances) and students need log onto SOLE to review the update. Students receive an automated email if there is any change to the status of a claim.

Please note that the Mitigating Circumstances procedures are designed to support students who are experiencing events which are “acute, severe and unforeseen and that occur immediately before or during the assessment period”. As such, claims submitted for assessments which are not due for several weeks, months or in the following semester will not normally be considered until nearer the time of assessment.


Mitigating Circumstances Committees 2018-19


Semester 1 - 08 February 2019       
Semester 2 - 31 May 2019        
Reassessment - 12 July 2019       

Sometimes the Committee can make a decision by Chair’s Action and in these cases you will be informed via SOLE as soon as this decision is made. All students can expect to be advised of the outcome of their claim within ten working days after the relevant Mitigating Circumstances Committee.


If you have any questions regarding Mitigating Circumstances, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions:

Or alternatively, contact the Student Records Office on 01905 855333