Certificates and Transcripts

Certificates and Transcripts

What name will appear on my Certificate or Transcript?

Your full name as recorded in the Student Record System will be printed on your certificate and transcript.

You can check what name will be used on your SOLE page by checking the Award Details link on the Assessment tab.

Should I record my full name on an award certificate?

Your certificate is a formal record of your award and, as such, we prefer to use the formal version of your name on the certificate which reflects the names recorded on other formal documents such as birth certificates, passports etc.

Please advise us of changes in spelling or additional/altered names immediately.

Your full name will appear on your certificate and transcript in the form 'first name(s) surname / family name'

Your name will appear (if appropriate) in the award ceremony programme (and read out) in the form 'first name, surname/family name'.

My name has changed since finishing my course, what name will you use on my certificate?

The name on your certificate will be the name we had on record when the Board of Examiners met and agreed your award. 

If your name changed before this date, we are able to update your record when accompanied with the appropriate evidence.

If your name changed after this date, we won't update our records.

When will I receive my certificate?

Award certificates and transcripts are presented on the day of the award ceremony. If you are not attending your ceremony, you should confirm your address and payment details on your SOLE page in order for the certificate to be posted to you after all the ceremonies have taken place in November.

Can I get my certificate / transcript before November in order to be able to apply for a job?

Once your award has been agreed by the Board of Examiners, you will be able to print your own award confirmation letter from your SOLE page. This contains all the information that potential employers will need to see.

From the menu on the left hand side of the screen choose the 'My Assessments' option, and you will see the 'My Award' option on the right of the screen. This should display a link to your award confirmation letter. 

How can I tell if a University of Worcester certificate is genuine?

For information on the security features of a University of Worcester certificate, please click Here