Diversity & Equality

Diversity & Equality

The University has procedures to ensure that the appointment, treatment, development and promotion of individuals is solely on the basis of their meeting the requirements of the job.

The University will ensure that there is no unfair discrimination or less favourable treatment on grounds of: gender, race, disability, colour, age, nationality, ethnic or national origins, family or other care responsibility, socio-economic background, trade union activity, political or religious or other belief, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation and marriage and civil partnership.

Equality Framework

Equality Objectives

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement

Dealing with Harassment and Bullying Policy

We are committed to developing a culture in which individuals are accorded dignity, courtesy and respect, and unacceptable behaviour is identified and dealt with quickly, fairly and sensitively. The policy Dignity at Work and Study describes the measures and procedures that are in place to ensure that this happens.

You can access the University's Diversity and Equality Committee Papers via; O drive / All Staff Documents / Personnel / Diversity & Equality Committee papers