Dealing with Harassment and Bullying at Work

Dealing with Harassment and Bullying at Work

What is the University doing about this?

The University is committed to creating and maintaining a work and study environment where people are treated with dignity and respect. Any form of harassment or bullying will not be tolerated by the University, as it can have a destructive impact on an individual and their work or study. The university’s policy and procedure provide a framework for dealing with unacceptable behaviour quickly in order to restore effective working/studying relationships.

What to do/who to contact

Take action straight away. There are a range of people able to offer support:

Initial/Harassment Advisors – trained members of staff who provide confidential initial support and information to staff and students regarding harassment and bullying.



Human Resources Department – telephone Ext 5173 or email and ask to speak to a HR Adviser in confidence.

Other people to contact for help: your line manager or other senior manager in your department; your mentor; a trade union representative; a friend or colleague.

If it’s serious and you are concerned for your personal safety
Contact the Director of HR or Security, or if it’s happening outside of work contact the Police.

If you’ve been accused of harassment or bullying
Take action straight away. Contact an Initial/Harassment Advisor or one of the HR Advisors for advice and support.