Erasmus+ Staff Training

Erasmus+ Staff Training

What does Erasmus+ Staff Training aim to do?

 It provides support for staff working in HE in the UK to undertake visits to other HEIs in order to share and learn about different aspects of their services .

What is available?

Funds to pay for visits for one or more colleagues of between 2-5 days to other HEIs; it covers travel costs, accommodation and subsistence. 

How to apply?

Through the Staff Development pages initially or through an informal enquiry to:    

Where can visits take place?

Universities throughout the EU and EEA. We have strong partnerships with many universities already and  there may well be examples of good practice where a visit would be valuable. 

When can visits take place?

 This depends on matching up the dates with the host institution and your own workload. 

What happens after Brexit?

 The scheme will continue for at least 2 more years beyond March 2019 provided that a deal is agreed.

How much funding is available?

For 2018-19, we still have 20 places remaining. 

What are the requirements for reporting back after a visit?

The Erasmus National Agency will send an online agreement and a feed back form which must be completed. For UW the report and dissemination plan has to be identified when the bid is submitted. Examples could include reporting back to team meetings, inviting colleagues to a lunchtime briefing session, making a presentation to a wider audience, use of video and social media is encouraged.      

What is the impact of Erasmus plus, to date?

Colleagues who have engaged have benefited from observing practice elsewhere and been able to  make changes to processes back in their home institution. They have developed strong networks with their hosts and continue to share information.