Our workshops

Our workshops


We offer a range of training and development opportunities for staff, helping to develop individual and team skills and support staff in their career progression. Below we have categorised our training and you can also view our training catalogue here, detailing the  training we offer.

There are occasions that we provide different training sessions to those listed below and these will be advertised to you through various channels, including the daily updates.

To book onto any training please do this via the Staff development workshop page or please contact training@worc.ac.uk

If there is any training that is full or at a time that you are unable to attend please complete this form.  A member of the team will follow up with you when further dates are advertised

General Staff Development

Being a mentor

Mentoring is a valuable form of support for people who are new to the University, moving into a new role or returning from a period of absence. This session will consider how mentoring works, the key skills required and the support available for mentors. 

How to get the best results from your Appraisal and Probation

This workshop will help you develop a clear understanding of the nature of Appraisal and Probation and support you in getting the best possible results from these in relation to your personal development at the University. 

GDPR, Data Protection, FOI and Information Security

This session presents an overview of data protection legislation and sets out the University's legal obligations. Practical guidance for staff is provided to enable best practice when dealing with personal data. There will be discussion and participation from attendees as to how the law affects their individual roles and opportunities to seek advice and clarification. 

Recruitment and Selection Part 1

In this practical workshop we will consider the principles and practices for recruiting and selecting staff, and the impact of using on-line as well as 'in-person' methods.

Recruitment and Selection Part 2

This workshop is practical and will involve planning a selection event, carrying out an interview, reaching a decision and providing feedback; it follows on from aspects covered in Part 1 (legal framework and best practice).

Time Management Part 1

This workshop will explore some of the challenge of time management, including common causes of lost time, procrastination (good and bad) and most importantly will introduce some effective techniques to help get things done.

Time Management Part 2

This workshop will explore more of the challenges of time management, including common causes of lost time, procrastination (good and bad) and most importantly will introduce more effective techniques to help with time management while maintaining positive working relationships with others.

Time Management Part 3; an opportunity to revisit your situation

This workshop will revisit the material covered in Time Management parts one and two. It will offer delegates the opportunity to reflect on their learning and successes from parts one and two. Furthermore it will offer delegates the opportunity explore their current situation and new challenges with time management and explore further techniques to support them in their roles.

Using the 'Coaching Approach'

In this workshop we explore some of the models and skills used in coaching and ways they can enhance our interactions with colleagues, students, and others. 

Induction Programme

HR Welcome

An opportunity to hear from a member of the Training and Development team to discuss what to expect during your induction; useful webpages; introduction to departments and learning about the training and networks on offer at the University.

IT Induction

An opportunity to hear from a member of the IT team to discuss security; equipment; IT services on offer and the IT training which is available.

University Induction

This event is hosted by Professor David Green CBE DL, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive at the University. The induction also includes opportunities to hear from the University’s Provost, the Pro Vice Chancellor for Students and the SU President, and a senior member of the Finance team.

Academic Overview and Research Induction

This is a great opportunity to meet members of the University Executive team to discuss and ask questions around the Academic structures and Research at the University.

Introduction to Registry Services and the Student Assessment Journey

An introduction to Registry Services which includes information about understanding the regulatory framework and assessment journey that students will follow at the University of We will discuss the various stages of assessment that students at the University will follow and provide an initial introduction to how courses operate under the University's regulations and how assessment works.

Teaching and Learning; CPD Opportunities

This session will provide colleagues who are involved in learning and teaching with information about the CPD opportunities that are available to them. It will include details of the Worcester Scheme for applying for HEA Fellowship, the Worcester Teaching and Learning Awards and the Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching on HE.

Working with Library Services and TEL to enhance teaching and learning

This session covers the essential services provided by Library Services and the TEL Unit that help deliver effective teaching and learning. It introduces you to and explains institutional expectations around Resource Lists, the learner journeys toolkit, the VLE, Blackboard Collaborate, and more, giving you everything you need to know to get started.

Library Services for professional and support staff

This session provides a short overview of what you can get from Library Services as a member of the university, including: finding articles and resources that can help you in your job, what help we can provide, using the Hive for meetings and other events, and how we work with different professional departments.


Disability Matters

This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear from members of the Disability Matters Staff Network group about what works and what we can do to promote inclusion for colleagues and students. 

LGBTQ+ Awareness Training

Join us to think about some unique considerations of being an LGBTQ   student or staff member at university and how we can support each other on campus and when learning from home - home might not always be a safe space if you are LGBTQ . Hear from the LGBTQ  staff network, our LGBTQ  students and SU representatives about what works and what we can do to promote inclusion.

Management and Leadership Development

Developing and maintaining highly motivated teams Part 1

The first of three workshops this session will explore the principles behind highly motivated teams and the role of the manager to develop and support this.  The workshop will explore the issues around different perspectives and preferences, the importance of listening to understand and how to foster the right mindset.  Learning will be though the introduction of some theory, group discussion and individual reflection and case studies.  

Developing and maintaining highly motivated teams Part 2

The second of three workshops in the series, this session will continue to explore the principles behind highly motivated teams and the role of the manager to develop and support them.  This workshop explores the role of feedback in developing motivation, trust and confidence within the team. Learning will be though the introduction of some theory, group discussion and individual reflection and case studies. 

Developing and maintaining highly motivated teams Part 3 (Role of Probation and Appraisal)

The third of three workshops in the series, this session will recap on the material covered in parts 1 & 2; exploring what motivates teams and the role of the manager to develop and support them.  The workshop will build on the skills introduced and focus on  policy, process and best practice around leading brilliant and effect probation and appraisal conversations. Learning will be though the introduction of some theory, group discussion and individual reflection and case studies where effective probation or appraisal conversations can have a positive impact.  

Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Developing Others

This half-day session aims to support managers to establish clarity in their role as manager-leaders and lead with emotional intelligence. The programme covers such areas as identifying leadership styles, flexing approach, and building trust. Learning takes place through discussion, exploration of theory and reflection on group activities.

Managing Others Through Change

This half-day session aims to support staff to manage others through organisational change. The programme covers such areas as understanding change and overcoming resistance. Learning takes place through discussion, exploration of theory and reflection on group activities.

Principles of an Effective Induction

This session is designed to clarify understanding about what induction is about along with highlighting what is expected of line managers and what support is available.

Staff Wellbeing

First Aid for Mental Health Wellbeing

This 1 day course provides participants with the knowledge to recognise the factors that affect mental wellbeing, how to have a supportive conversation and when and how to signpost a person to seek appropriate professional help.

Personal Financial Planning

This event focuses on helping you understand and take control of your daily finances. It covers the basics of budgeting; taxation; borrowing; mortgages; and savings. By understanding the basics we can learn how to cope with a financial shock; understand how we can financially plan for our life choices; and help build greater clarity and security.

Planning for retirement Part 1 Financial aspects

The financial implications of retirement; the state pension entitlement; occupational pension schemes to include the Teachers Pensions and Local Government schemes; the personal and financial actions which will help make the most of retirement.

Planning for retirement Part 2 Lifestyle and wellbeing for retirement

Starting  the process of planning for a successful retirement; what might retirement mean to you; the short, medium and long term plans; hopes and concerns for retirement; planning positive transition from working life.

Suicide Prevention Training

SP-EAK Suicide Prevention- Explore, Ask, Keep-Safe.

The workshop aims to prepare participants to identify those with thoughts of suicide, respond effectively and connect them with support.

Understanding more about Dementia

This session is for anyone who would like to know about dementia. If you are caring for a person living with dementia, if you are worried that a family member may have dementia, if you are worried about yourself, if you are just interested in the subject. Understanding more about dementia will support you to be able to support others.

Understanding the Menopause

This session will provide you with the information to understand what the menopause is and how it can affect individuals. Understand why it is important to raise awareness of the menopause. Identify ways to support individuals going through the menopause. Understand the University's guidance on the menopause and how it can be applied. Find out more about the support and resources that are available.


Join the conversation about climate change and our impact in making a difference.

This session provides an introduction to the topic and to some of the ways you can measure your carbon footprint, at work and at home, and start to reduce it.

It is also a taster session for becoming Carbon Literate where you can find out more about a free, nationally accredited programme. 

How Carbon Literate are you?

Carbon Literacy training is an opportunity for you to learn about the carbon costs and impact of everyday activities. We will explore ways to reduce our carbon footprints both as individuals, in our teams, and within the organisation. The training aims to empower you to make a contribution to climate change solutions.