Sickness Absence

Sickness Absence

Any employee who is absent from work due to sickness is required to notify their immediate line manager on the first day of absence, and, if possible give an indication of how long the absence is likely to last.   Line managers should advise HR of all staff absences for sick pay purposes

Sickness Management Policy

Sickness Management Procedure

The monthly return is no longer required as all absences due to sickness require a self-certificate and return to work form (and a Dr’s note if required) which should be emailed to line managers and

All absences due to sickness require self-certification.

All staff have a responsibility, under their contract of employment and / or under the terms of the Sickness Pay Scheme, to contact their department as early as possible on the first day of absence; and no later than normal commencement of work or shift start time. This is important as alternative arrangements (to ensure that all necessary work is covered) may have to be put into place.

If your absence is between one and seven calendar days, a self-certification form should be completed and returned to your line manager. Who will forward it to HR

If your absence lasts longer than seven calendar days, a Doctor's certificate (Statement of Fitness to Work) must be forwarded direct to your departmental administrator and you should inform your Line Manager of the period of absence covered by the certificate.

If you are a part time member of staff the above still applies. If you normally work for example Monday Tuesday and Wednesday if you are off for a week and the sickness absence continues into the following week and you return on the Tuesday a Doctors certificate is required for the Monday of the second week 

For staff who are paid on submission of a timesheet, if you are sick and not able to work, please notify your department immediately and make sure you mark it on your timesheet. You may be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay

Employees who are away due to sickness for extended periods of time are usually referred to the occupational health service for advice during the period and prior to resuming work.



Employees have an entitlement to sick pay for certain periods of time according to their contract of employment.

Sick Pay Entitlements

How sick pay is calculated






Critical Illness Policy

This policy is based on the following principles, which will provide a framework for all concerned.

The University believes it has a clear responsibility to provide help and support to any of its employees who are affected in some way by the diagnosis of a critical illness.

Critical Illness for the purposes of this policy is defined as – ‘Any illness which is life threatening, life changing (for example leading to permanent and/or progressive disability), or requires significant and prolonged treatment (whether as an in-patient or out-patient)’


The University will support any member of staff if they are diagnosed with a critical illness. It also covers the University’s approach to employees who have a family member (parent, spouse, partner, child or sibling) and/or who become carers for someone diagnosed with a critical illness.