Pension Schemes & Retirement

Pension Schemes & Retirement

There are two schemes operating within the University of Worcester and all eligible employees will be automatically enroled into the appropriate scheme, without any qualifying service.

The Teachers Pensions scheme is open to academic staff, and the Local Government Scheme is open to support staff.

Both schemes are contributory, the employee and the University make payments to the schemes based on the annual salary of the employee.

Details are on the websites:

Teachers Pensions

Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

Worcestershire LGPS Webpage


If you are a contributing member, it may be possible to continue to contribute to the USS Scheme. Please contact for further information.

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It is possible to transfer contributions from other schemes, and to arrange to top up pensions by making additional payments. Employees are advised to seek independent financial advice before entering into these arrangements.

There is no contractual retirement age for members of staff but each pension scheme specifies the age at which pensions can be paid

All employees have the right to retire at age 65, and are advised to contact the HR Department during the 12 months prior to this. 

Pension Auto-Enrolement

A Brief Guide to the LGPS April 2015

A Full Guide to the LGPS April 2014

The latest LGPS Employee Newsletter is available to view here.

During any periods of authorised unpaid leave, including additional unpaid maternity leave, employees have the option to buy extra or lost pension.

Further details are here

Changes to National Insurance Contributions in 2016

From April 2016, changes to the State Pension will mean an increase in National Insurance (NI) contributions for all employees who are members of the LGPS, TPS and USS pension schemes offered by the University of Worcester.

This is because the creation of the New State Pension means that the University will no longer be able to opt out of the Second State Pension under the existing scheme. The New State Pension scheme will mean increases in the NI contributions of all employees who are members of the scheme.    

Examples of changes 

More information on the New State Pension can be found at

The UCEA has also produced an FAQ available here